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Integrate the Best Payment Gateway to Ease Your E-Commerce Transactions

Payment Gateway for Ecommerce


If you haven't integrated a payment gateway for your business, this blog will provide a clear understanding of the problems associated with integration and how to overcome those obstacles seamlessly. E-commerce usually necessitates the use of an online payment gateway via the shopping cart. While establishing an e-commerce platform, you must decide which payment methods you will accept. 


When it comes to putting up your online store, knowing what types of payment your consumers use or prefer for online purchases is important. You can access information revealing the payment options used in-store or in-person if you are actively using a point-of-sale system (POS).


If you decide that your client base demands the capacity to pay with an eCheck, keep in mind that you may need an additional payment gateway add-on and that payment method takes longer, causing a delay in receiving funds. Make sure that the online payment gateway you use or that is integrated with your e-commerce site builder provides you with confidence in terms of security and compliance. You can learn more information about the use of payment gateways for e-commerce transactions from SSRN.


While selecting a payment gateway for your business, the following are the three most crucial factors to consider:

1. Transaction fees: Is there a fixed amount or a percentage charge for the service you're considering? If that's the case, how much does it cost?


2. Card types: What types of credit cards and payment methods does the payment gateway accept?


3. On-form payments: Will the gateway be able to gather payment details within the form if your consumers fill out a form to make a purchase, or will they be transferred to another page?


You may be biased toward one choice because it takes payments from a larger number of countries, leading you to believe it is superior. However, you might not reach success in other places, or some of the services you use might not be available there. However, if your products are on the higher end of the price scale, it may be more cost-effective to look at firms that offer a fixed transaction fee.


Challenges You Can Expect on an E-Commerce Payment System

When it comes to online payments, there are no obvious drawbacks, but there are a few challenges to consider before launching your online store.


  • Technical Issues

Online payments, like any system, rely on technological infrastructure and are susceptible to disruptions and downtime. Technical service operations on online payment gateways or the card network system are frequently time-limited, advertised in advance, and scheduled for times when eShops aren't busy, such as late at night. Before signing a new contract, it is better to check a potential supplier's SLA (Standard Level Agreement) to see how much uptime is assured for the merchant. Unexpected technical failures can cause many hours of outage, which can be frustrating for customers who are unable to pay directly.


  • The Consequence of Fraud

In 2018, illegal credit card transactions cost the world $24 billion. As a result, one of the major disadvantages of online transactions is the businesses' and customers' vulnerability to various malicious assaults. Fraudsters are becoming more and more inventive in their attempts to disrupt online transactions, from identity theft to database breaches and phishing attacks. Fortunately, just as hackers have broadened their weapons, payment solution providers have done the same. Security practices and directives, for example, control card purchases and include efficient identity verification services like fingerprints or protected 3D protocols.


Additional security elements, such as secure online protocols, Address Verification Systems, or purchase monitoring services, are included with all-in-one payment providers in the event of fraud. Payment providers who offer complete fraud mitigation tools considerably reduce the risk of fraud, especially when it occurs in the context of friendly fraud, such as refunds.


Still trying to figure out Online Payment Gateway: Say No to These Obstacles?!

The payment gateway you select should help you save expenses, control risk, and give users a strategic advantage. Finding the correct online payment gateway can provide small businesses additional business capabilities and operational excellence. You can find such offerings on the best payment gateway fit for you as a startup, SME, or SMB at  Steer Through, which is the optimal platform for small businesses. There are other prominent marketplaces that focus on offering all types of businesses, such as SaaSHubSourceforgeCapterra, and SaaSworthy, where you may find payment gateways that are suitable for your business. Before you establish an e-commerce payment system, make sure you know your customers' demographics and demands, as well as the payment methods they presently use. 

You can expand your access to all customers by offering a wide range of payment options on your online business, but this should be assessed against your needs and the costs involved.



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