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Bot Intelligence Feed

Bot Intelligence Feed

by Radware Bot Manager Ltd



Radware is a global leader of cyber security and application delivery solutions for physical, cloud, and software defined data centers. Radware Bot Manager's Bot Intelligence Feed identifies bots and ensure continuous protection as well as arms partners and service providers with the latest information related to potential attacks.

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Radware Bot Manager's Bot Intelligence Feed, backed by a comprehensive bot database, protects users against any malicious bot attacks and prevents harm to their website, mobile application, and API. It contains latest data on newly detected IPs for various bot categories which include datacenter bots, bad user-agent bots, advanced persistent bots, backlink checker bots, monitoring bots, aggregator bots, social network bots, spam bots, impersonator bots, and more. Apart from using large amounts of data gathered over the years, the Bot Intelligence Feed uses data from other verified third-party sources as well. It uses collective real-time data from its vast number of customers. The data is then automatically analyzed using modern technologies, curated and made available to technology partners and enterprises. Collective bot intelligence gathered from its client base is used to produce highly accurate threat intelligence on bots. By adding Bot Intelligence Feed into users' security infrastructure, users can identify bots before they attack, flag them and ensure continuous protection. The bot detection algorithm is tailored to suit users' business and industry-specific needs to ensure protection from automated attacks.


  • Identifies Bot Threats
  • Comprehensive Database of Bots
  • Fast and Accurate
  • Bot Detection Algorithm.
  • Identifies Bot Threats
  • Comprehensive Database of Bots
  • Fast and Accurate
  • Bot Detection Algorithm.
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    Bot Intelligence Feed
    Bot Intelligence Feed
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    Detection engine can analyze every customer

    Periodic reports on the traffic of the company website

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