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How Messaging Solution is Effective for Small Business Owners?

Messaging Solution


One of the most common mistakes Small Business Owners make is thinking of SMS Marketing as a game for the big players of the field. When statistics say, an average person looks at their phone around 150 times a day, why are you holding up?  Don’t worry SteerThrough won’t let you miss out on these, anymore. You are at the right place as we are going to tell you how a Messaging solution is effective for Small Business Owners?

Let’s do a small test before we get into the details. Take your phone and tell us how many unread emails, missed calls, text messages? Well, we bet most of you have both missed calls, unread emails but no messages to read. 

We are living in a digital era where concise communication is the only way to get your audience. People prefer rapid information delivered to them and this is where instant messages play a bigger role than you might be thinking.


Why does your business need a Messaging Solution?

  • Connect

It is important to make your mark first on a potential customer and with a simple, compelling message you can do that. There is no time to learn and understand when it comes to instant messaging but it delivers likes and support from customers. Like we say in SteerThrough, if you won’t steer what people think about your business, many in the market might steer for you. 


  • Brand Image 

When you come into the market with your vision, it is essential that customers or potential customers know exactly what your business agenda proposes. Instant messages are an efficient way to deliver a strong message in fewer words but faster. A clear brand image will be created, which would ensure that your potential clientele know exactly what you are and the uniqueness you bring to the market. 

Adapting to new Text marketing campaigns can be extensively beneficial to take a small business to great heights. We all know about the efficiency and reliability instant messages brings these days but even if you are unsure, here are some statistics that can change your view: 

  • There are around a 19% click-through rate for SMS
  • People read a text within 5 seconds on an average 
  • The SMS market is anticipated to reach $45.93 Billion in revenue in 2021 (for Application-to-person). 

If you are a small business owner then use these statistics to your benefit. Before moving let’s get the basics right by starting to understand 


What is Application-to-person messaging? 

Application-to-Person messaging (A2P) is any type of message flow in which a user receives messages from software or an app. Marketing messages, appointment reminders, chatbots or virtual assistants, notifications, and one-time passwords (OTPs) or Pin codes are examples of A2P messaging.


Major Reasons Why Messaging Solution is effective for Small Business Owners 


Running a small business is difficult and SteerThrough understands how you are restricted to limited resources and finances. But when it comes toSMS marketing, it's cheap and we will make sure it is for you. No, we are not kidding, it is a common myth that Bulk Sms Service is expensive and not meant for SMBs (Small-Medium Businesses). 

Hiring an advertising agency might get your long bills but Bulk Sms Gateway can go a long way. One Shoot and your message can get delivered to hundreds and thousands of potential customers without breaking the budget. 


First things first, you would need an SMS database list. In order to have a list of your potential clientele, promote your SMS campaign over your advertising platforms, website, social media, etc. encouraging them to opt for newsletters, emails. The more people sign or opt for such services, the bigger you can promote your brand. 


Fast, Short, and Simple 

The above 3 words are liked by all. We all like an instant form of communication, which is why we use short-form words in our text; to save time, energy, and whatnot! It’s the brevity of SMS marketing that both advertiser and consumer find it comforting to use this method. 

Unlike lengthy email promotions, SMS messages usually consist of limited characters which allows them to be very short in terms of length of sentences. Sometimes there is a link to a website attached to attain more details about the promotion. 

The efficiency of a short message is what grabs the user’s attention, which drives them to read the entire message. SMS messages are less invasive than web pop-ups or phone calls because they can be viewed at the consumer's leisure.


Instant delivery and results 

When it comes to delivery, Text messaging is both fast and efficient, requiring only seconds to reach a wide audience. It's not common to send a targeted message to an audience in such a short amount of time. As soon as you have sent it, there will be a whole package of analytical data ready for you, of those who have opened, read, and responded. 


Final Words

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to communicate with your potential clientele, or want to deliver a concise brand image to the audience, we have got your back! 

At SteerThrough, we have some of the top Bulk Sms Service Providers and experts to offer the right Messaging solution for your business. We cater to provide what clients want, in accordance with their budget. You hustle anymore as SteerThrough is here to improve your efficiency with a personalized communication channel. Get your quote, with this link. 



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