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SMS Marketing - an Effective Strategy to Boost Your Marketing Results

SMS Marketing


Nurturing a profitable relationship between your business and target customer base is vital to gain a competitive advantage over others in the marketplace. Wondering how you can channel your marketing strategies towards your target customer base? SMS Marketing is a cost-efficient marketing channel that conveys your company’s promotional message or offers to customers in a perceivable manner. 


The Significance of SMS Marketing 


The effectiveness of SMS Marketing is directly related to the significant increase in the usage of mobile devices. According to Statista, 62.9% of the population of the world uses a mobile phone, and 98% of all SMS messages are opened daily. It is evident that effective SMS marketing should be beneficial to achieve the desired growth in your business. 

SMS Marketing is a marketing strategy to communicate promotional campaigns, details of the products and services, transactional information, and more with your target customer, who has consented to receive updates about your business to develop a profitable relationship. 

In the current scenario, people are connected to their mobile phones so a text message becomes the most feasible line of contact with your customer to interact and promote your offerings which, in turn, induces a profitable relationship. 


In order to leverage the benefits of SMS Marketing in their truest sense, it is important to get familiar with some rules before executing it:  


  1. Permission Of Your Customer Base: 

First and foremost, before adopting this marketing strategy is to seek permission from your customer base. SMS has a significantly higher rate of inducing a profitable interaction between you and your customer, but if the messages are sent to people who are not interested in your business offerings, you end up targeting the wrong customers.  



  1.  Be conscious of the timing of the messages:

Unlike Email, which is checked a few times daily, the probability of opening a text message is often immediate. But, this flexibility of time should not be misused, and the messages must not be shared at odd hours of the day. 


  1. Include all the important information:

All the relevant information, for example, your company's name, the purpose of your communication, how that particular demand of the customer is going to be fulfilled, etc., must be mentioned in your text messages. 

Now that you have grasped the overview of what SMS marketing is, let's focus on how it helps small businesses to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and enhance their growth strategy: 

SMS Marketing is one of the most useful marketing gimmicks at your disposal ahead in the blog. 


Benefits of using SMS Marketing for your business 


  • Major Traction On The Smartphones: 

SMS Marketing is an excellent tool to reach your customer base. By interlinking the website, you can leverage the power of SMS Marketing to drive the maximum traffic to bring their attention to your business offerings, which in turn will induce your sales and a profitable relationship.


  • Higher Engagement Rate: 

In the fast-paced world we live in, people don't have time to read elaborate pieces of content. Now the question is how to earn their attention. The answer is simple- Short Message Service (SMS). It allows you to communicate your message in a crisp form with relevant information. 60% of consumers read a text within 5 minutes of receiving it, which gives a boost to your business. 


  • Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy: 

SMS Marketing facilitates communication through bulk messaging, which is a cost-friendly approach. An effective SMS Marketing Software must be chosen to leverage the maximum benefits of this marketing strategy. 


We hope our blog helped you understand the crux of SMS Marketing and how this marketing strategy can reap significant benefits for your business if leveraged properly.



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