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Jinactus is a developing boutique sales and marketing consulting firm with experts working on software products and services. Based on deep research and industry experience, it supports foreign clients in entering the Indian market and local clients in expanding their businesses.

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Jinactus works with software product and service organizations to implement their recommendations, as well as make any necessary adjustments to their strategy during the implementation stage. It nurtures long-term engagements with its clients and collaborates with them as partners in executing its recommendations. Jinactus' skilled sales professionals assist users in forming teams based on their needs, such as targets, market coverage, and launching. It offers revenue share to profitable businesses in international markets and can act as a reseller for them as they begin their branding and marketing efforts in India. Jinactus gathers all additional data and uses it to target prospects to produce leads for the sales team. Working in the BOT system, it develops teams that include marketing, sales, pre-sales, execution, and post-execution support, and the team transitions to the user's corporate payroll after a pre-defined period.


  • Sales Outsourcing
  • Verticals Covered
  • Markets Covered
  • Business Model
  • Revenue Share
  • Lead Generation
  • Country Representation.
  • Sales Outsourcing
  • Verticals Covered
  • Markets Covered
  • Business Model
  • Revenue Share
  • Lead Generation
  • Country Representation.
  • Product Pricing

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