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Net Data

by NGBPS Pvt Ltd

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NGBPS LIMITED owns and promotes the NetDataVault brand, which was developed to enable and assist the upcoming Data Centers. NetDataVault is an ANSI/TIA-942 Tier-3 Certified Data Center, and its entire solution turns ICT infrastructure into intelligent cloud-based solutions that can deliver value-added services to both the organization and its stakeholders efficiently

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NetDataVault's solutions enable businesses to join the Cloud revolution by increasing control, reducing expenses, and removing complexity. It offers a variety of business models, including Collocation, Dedicated Servers, Infrastructure service IaaS, SOC, Backup service, Disaster Recovery service, and Backup service, as well as several Managed Services like Security, DB, Network, OS. To reduce risks and simplify server security, NDV ensures absolute security against information leakages and data theft. NDV designed the NDV Cloud Services/IaaS product to prevent cyber threats. Infrastructure Services and Power Conditioning Equipments, both of which are key components of any Data Center Facility, have been at the priority of the NDV's development.


  • FREE data migration
  • Complete admin control
  • Best network availability
  • 24x7 support helpdesk
  • 99.9% uptime.
  • FREE data migration
  • Complete admin control
  • Best network availability
  • 24x7 support helpdesk
  • 99.9% uptime.
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    Net Data
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    1099 - 3599 INR

    Unified invoices across hosting environment

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