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ToggleNow Software

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ToggleNow creates innovative technology solutions and provides users with effective product experiences. It offers solutions for detecting, analyzing, and neutralizing cyberattacks, ranging from SAP cyber security to cyber resilience.

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ToggleNow analyzes business-critical applications, assesses risk management and control plans, and evaluates business implications. With the proper collection of ToggleNow products and services, users can secure business-critical apps, system configurations, and data. Automated systems can identify changes in system configurations, manage data updates, and important information to help prompt quick responses and prevent downtime. ToggleNow's dashboard gives real-time visibility into open flaws and RPO deviations, allowing users to respond to unauthorized access in data and configurations. It can be used to reconstruct mission-critical corporate applications, recover data from backups, and recover IT systems quickly after cyber attacks.


  • Identify Risks and Vulnerabilities
  • Protect Applications and Data
  • Detect Anomalies
  • Respond To Changes
  • Recover Access.
  • Identify Risks and Vulnerabilities
  • Protect Applications and Data
  • Detect Anomalies
  • Respond To Changes
  • Recover Access.
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    ToggleNow Software
    ToggleNow Software
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    Not just one time ,audit arrays are provided

    Better and easy to understant analysis using sap

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