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It's not FOMO, Get Your Small Business SMS Marketing Software

Small Business FOMO


Do you use SMS marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy? Many small business owners haven't realized the advantages of SMS marketing as a significant, cost-efficient approach to attracting new customers and increasing engagement with existing customers. SMS messaging is an effective mobile marketing strategy for small businesses since mobile users are more connected with SMS than with other mobile marketing channels like social media or email. 


Developing a small business takes much effort and time, with complicated and intricate marketing methods which can be compensated with an SMS marketing campaign, an essential element to use for your business. Listed below are some of the most compelling reasons to use text marketing for your business.


  1. Enhances customer engagement

Consumers are regularly receiving unwanted advertising in their email inboxes, and most of them do not check their inboxes more often for new messages.


  • SMS inboxes, on the other hand, are primarily designated for communications that must be viewed right away. This circumstance has clear advantages for your business, as your consumers are not only active participants in your promotional effort, but they are nearly certain to read your message as soon as it is delivered. 
  • Text marketing won't get your message in front of as many people as other forms of advertising, but it will be visible to engaged consumers.


  1. Quick delivery and affordable

Despite long email promotions, SMS messages are usually only one or two sentences long, with a link to a website with additional information on the promotion. As communications are short, consumers are more willing to read them all. SMS messages are less obtrusive than Web pop-ups or phone calls because they can be viewed at the consumer's leisure. 


  • SMS promotions are quick and easy to develop and run, requiring relatively lesser planning than advertisements. 
  • SMS marketing is particularly beneficial to small businesses as it is cost-effective and significantly less expensive to send an SMS message than it is to place an entire advertisement in front of a prospective consumer. With bulk packages, you can send a large number of messages every month for a low, fixed charge.


  1. Promotes interaction

There are a variety of ways to build interactive SMS marketing to make your message more entertaining and engaging. 


  • When you present your message in the form of a survey or poll, your target audience is more likely to read it carefully and participate actively. 
  • Users are more likely to engage with your brand if you provide a cost-free SMS reply facility. 
  • Meanwhile, providing a link to a fun video or pictures with additional information about your promotion motivates consumers to know more. Although not every mobile can access the internet, as smartphones become more common, business owners should think about incorporating graphic and interactive aspects in their SMS marketing campaigns.


  1. Integrates with marketing channels
  • Text marketing works in conjunction with other SMS marketing software, in which these integrations can also assist you and maximizes the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.
  • If a customer visits your offerings and leaves an item in their cart without purchasing, you can send them a text message using the marketing automation platform. That text could be the final push your customer needs to complete the transaction.


  1. Improves customer loyalty
  • The uniqueness of sending customized content and discounts to customers via SMS can help you form a deep bond with them. 
  • Primary, social, and promotional tabs are frequently used in email inboxes, with commercial communications being lost in the congestion of the latter. Incoming texts are not divided in this way on phones, so if you send an SMS to a customer that starts with an offer for a loyalty benefit, they're likely to eventually see it. 
  • If the offer is what they want, you'll be well on your way to earning their trust, as they'll see that you're only sending them the content they require, which might lead to them being loyal regular customers.

If you haven't implemented SMS marketing tactics yet, it is high time you start doing it by personalizing your marketing campaigns to meet the needs of contemporary demographics.


Get the right SMS marketing software for your campaigns.

By now, you would have got an understanding of why you should employ SMS marketing for your small business and the effectiveness of using it. To get started with the implementation, you'll need SMS marketing software that gives you a platform for designing, executing, and maintaining text message campaigns. You can find suitable SMS marketing software for your small business at Steer Through, as it offers messaging solutions that make your job easier to handle. You can also compare the cost and features of the SMS marketing software offered by SteerThrough based on your requirements and try it out to promote your business. 

There are many other leading software listing marketplaces that focus on all sizes of organizations, in which CapterraG2Softwaresuggestand TrustRadius are some of the popular ones, where you may find various SMS marketing software.



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