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AM Prototype

by Am Prototyping Labs

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AM Prototyping Labs specializes in the production of SLA DLP 3D printers, 3D printing machines, and other products that enable manufacturers to automate manual operations and develop towards agile manufacturing.

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The 3D printers from AM Prototyping Labs use a light source and a photosensitive resin to 3D print items. It has the ability to 3D print delicate objects at rapid speeds and at minimal prices. AM Prototyping Labs uses third-party software to prepare files for 3D printing, which requires user interaction. Rather than relying on third-party software, it creates a complete software that automates the process of producing 3D printable models and automatically loading them for 3D printing. Following the software upgrade, AM Prototyping Labs intends to produce a 3D printer that employs the Multi Jet Printing technology MJP, which allows 3D printing of objects in a minimum of two materials at the same time. The prevailing machine 3D prints supports with the parts employing the same material as the pieces, and the supports have to be physically removed after printing. AM Prototyping Labs can 3D print the primary object in one material and the supports in any solvent utilizing the MJF technology, allowing seamless processing and finishing of 3D printed parts.


  • Optimum Quality Products
  • Timely Delivery
  • Cost-Effective Price
  • Efficient Logistics Facility
  • Vast Industry Experience.
  • Optimum Quality Products
  • Timely Delivery
  • Cost-Effective Price
  • Efficient Logistics Facility
  • Vast Industry Experience.
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    AM Prototype
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